The industrialization service of QUASAR CONCEPT consists in moving from the protoype to serial production. We are looking to optimize manufacturing according to the rate and quantity to be produced. Industrialization is based on 4 axes :

  • The objective of cost of production : Taken into account from the design, we strive to produce according to your cost objectives (Design to cost)
  • Puchasing : We know how to manage the risk of obsolescence and manage the stock of long-term components (FMEA purchasing)
  • The process : We study the best way to produce and analyze the production risks (AMDEC process)
  • Study of manufacturability : We analyze the manufacture of electronic products and sub-assemblies.
  • Definition of test strategy : We design and manufacture the test means optimized in regards to the quantity to be produced.


Depending on the volume and complexity of the product, QUASAR CONCEPT offers to manufacture all or part of the product, electronic sub-assemblies :

  • Supply, obsolescence and deadlines management
  • Electronic and cable wiring
  • Assembly and integration
  • Programming
  • Intermediate, final, debugging test
  • Packaging / Shipping

At the manufacturing workshop, our team specializes in soldering eletronic cards, wired cabling and mechanical integration.

Our cable operators are IPC-A 610 et IPC-A 620 certified.

Maintenance and after-sales service

QUASAR CONCEPT also provides after-sales service management for your serial products thanks to a proven tracking and traceability system.

We also provide periodic preventive maintenance with stock management and personalized systems for any products.

Study & realization