Analysis and study of the projects

As a design office specializing in electronics, our role is to analyze all needs and offer a technical solution according to any specifications.

We can also offer a feasibility study to solve the technical problem and assist in writing technical specifications.

Electronic design

QUASAR CONCEPT carries out the complete design in the following technical fields :

  • Signal processing
  • Sensors and measurements
  • Analog electronics
  • Power electronics
  • Digital electronics, FPGA
  • Energy management
  • Communication & networks
  • Embedded software development

Electrical and mechanical design

In addition to electronics, we are able to offer electrical and mechanical design for all products, racks and sub-assemblies :

  • Choice of connectors
  • Internal interconnection and design of specific strands or bundles
  • Choice of case, plastics
  • Front side, screen printing

QUASAR CONCEPT is equipped with a 3D printer to quickly produce your mechanical parts for prototyping.

Industrialization & production