Support at all stages

QUASAR CONCEPT positions itself as an active partner in the development of your idea leading to the design of an industrial product, up to mass production.

Together, we will work on the specification of your needs in order to provide you with the best technical solution taking into account your market specification.

  • Project framing
  • Study of the « Time To Market »
  • Feasibility and POC (Proof Of Concept).
  • Product design
  • Mechanical design & prototyping with 3D printing
  • Development of your application and your information system
  • Prototype and pre-series
  • Support for CE certification
  • Industrialization and test strategy
  • Deployment of serial production and realization of test means

Our electronic skills


QUASAR CONCEPT has developed strong skills in the field of measurement. We will help you to define and choose the most suitable sensors for your application and its environment.

Temperature, distance, pressure, flow, light, force, position, current, voltage…

Tailor-made development

We adapt the core of your electronics device taking into account technical constraints :

  • Data volumes to be processed and stored
  • Frequency and volume of data transmission
  • Consumption management with system autonomy calculation
  • Number of entry / exit to manage
  • Choice and amount of connectivity systems
  • Dimensions of the product / Miniaturization
  • Taking into account the environment

All these constraints will allow us to choose the right components for your product while taking into account your budget.


The choice of connectivity is essential for the product design but also the service you want to provide. QUASAR CONCEPT will advise you and help you with this choice.