Design and production

Experts for 30 years in the design and production of test benches and test facilities, we are able to offre test equipements according to your needs.

We are specialized in the measurement of all types of physical quantities :

Flow, pressure, force, torque, displacement, speed, mass, noise, vibration, electromagnetic radiation, current, voltage, power, frequency, magnetic field, temperature, dimension, radio frequency.

We gather, within our design office, all the skills to create the best solution for test and measurement issues.

In addition, our manufacturing workshop allows us to realize device integration and equipment wiring.

Our cable operators are IPC-A 610 and IPC-A 620 certified.

Test benches for production and maintenance

End of line test, functional, calibration, reliability, assembly and wiring control, etc.
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Laboratory test facilites

Endurance, fatigue, aging, qualification and environmental tests.
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Specific instrumentation

Interfaces with nail beds, racks and measurement bays, embedded cases and other custom-made boxes.
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Our skills

Acquisition and measurement :

  • Definition and choice of sensors and instruments
  • Measurement chain architecture
  • Signal processing
  • Uncertainty calculations, drifts, R&R, capabilites

Electronics :

  • Design of specific cards dedicated to testing
  • Analog, digital, power, High Frequency

Mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic :

  • Calculation and simulation in dynamics, kinematics, RDM, fluid mechanics
  • Calculation and choice of frame

Thermal :

  • Calculation and modeling of phenomena
  • Choice of materials, ovens and climatic chambers

Interface and test tools :

  • Referencing, clamping, mechanical coupling
  • Specific connectors

Industrial computing :

  • Creation of IHM
  • LabViEW, LabWindows/CVI, TestSTAND,
  • C++, C#, Python…
  • Real time : µcos, LabVIEW RT
  • Fieldbus (MODBUS, CAN, LIN, ASI, FlexRay, ARINC)
  • Database, networks, supervision, SPC

Electrical engineering and automatic control :

  • Design of power and control cabinets
  • Design of wiring grids, harnesses, strands
  • Choice of specific connectors according to use and environment
  • Programmable industrial controllers
  • Control and regulation

industrial vision :

  • Assembly control, appearance, dimensional
  • Label control

Robotics :

  • Robot arm integration for product gripping

Electrical safety : 

  • Continuity check, insulation, dielectric strength

Standards and regulations :

  • Ergonomics, machine safety, ATEX, CEM
  • CE marking
  • Military, aeronautical and medical standards