Development of test benches in production

QUASAR CONCEPT offers the design and production of :

  • Functional test bench
  • Calibration and programmeng bench
  • Nail beds interface, reliability bench
  • Burn-in bench
  • Assembly control bench, charging rack, etc

We adapt to all demands : production rates, volume constaints, the handling of the products as well as the durability of the equipment. We strive to meet all technical requirements while respecting the announced budget

From advice to on-site installation

Depending on the test strategy, we can advise on the establishment of intermediate benches or end of line benches (EOL). Trust us with the study and the realization of the final test station or all of the end of production line

We are able to intervene on existing equipment : renovation, automation, security. Our engineers can also intervene on the reverse engineering test bench.

We work with maintenance centers to design maintenance benches adapted to the needs.

We install and commission the ressources if necessary in factories in France or abroad.

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